Change Record

 Date of Change Docs changed Description of Change
 15/9/2011 Hotel API Spec GetHotelDetailsRequest:
  • offerid is now submitted, not hotelId
  • A session id attribute must be submitted sid="......." 
  • 'supplier' element is not required
  • Id elements removed (offerId and hotelId).
  • stars element renamed to starRating
  • name element renamed to hotelName
  • coordinates element renamed to coordinate
  • Radius limited to 30000
  • Radius limited to 30000
 26/9/2011  Flight API Spec GetFlightOffersResponse:
  • offer element renamed to flightOffer
  • Added currency element
 26/9/2011 Prepackaged API Spec GetPrepackagedOffersResponse:
  • offer element renamed to prepackagedOffer
 26/9/2011 Hotel API Spec GetLiveHotelOffersRequest:
  • Added currency element
  • Renamed the command to GetHotelDetailsRequest 
 27/9/2011 Connection Guide  Added requirement to handle cookies. See last 2 sentences in section 'How to Connect to the V2 API services'
 29/9/2011  Prepackaged API Spec Significant changes to general structure of XML
 1/10/2011 Prepackaged API Spec Added comment stating that filter ids will remain constant. Also updated GetPrepackagedOffersRequest to include a 'groupType' attribute to avoid collisions in ids across groups. Also clarified that any characters may be in the id, not just numeric.
 3/10/11 Prepackaged API Spec  Modified the filter ids to identify the content group and also to use meaningful fixed ids, instead of random numeric ones
 4/10/11 Prepackaged API Spec
  • Shortened group names and ids, and made duration hierarchical - weeks then days. 
  • Added origin city into the hierachy between origin country and origin airport. 
  • Updated the definition of departure week to include the year.
  • Small change to price range definitions. Made max values round and non-inclusive.
 5/10/11 Prepackaged API Spec 
  • Added stars and facilities filters (star and facil). 
  • Modified various filter values to be human readable (Airport, city, resort, region)
  • Various changes to prepackagedOffer structure - id is attribute, hotel data moved into 'hotel' element. nights instead of days. location is now a filter id, not a free string.
  • When submitting filters, group is no longer needed
 5/10/11 Location Resolution Spec Added the nearestCityCode attribute to the results (temporarily).
 6/10/11 Prepackaged API Spec
  • Added support for a new type of filter - freeTextFilter, and some specific instances of it - e.g. freeText.hotelDescription and freeText.hotelName.
  • Added specification for GetPrepackagedHotelDetailsRequest
 17/10/11 Prepackaged API Spec Replaced GetHotelDetailsRequest with GetPrepackagedOfferDetailsRequest, which supplies the pricing and flight details as well as the hotel details
 17/10/11 Hotel API Spec Replaced GetHotelDetailsRequest with GetHotelOfferDetailsRequest, which supplies the pricing details too 
 19/ 10/11 Prepackaged API Spec and Hotel API Spec Added hotel id to offer data, and changed the Get Offer Details request to support 'static linking', by defining the details of the offer, instead of its id
 27/10/2011 Prepackaged API Spec and Hotel API Spec Added referralUrl to specification for live offer.
 1/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec  Removed 'airport' from offer and added 'originAirport' and 'destinationAirport'. Changed location element to be free text string, not location id.
 Added support for LMS suppliers. Namely the 'offerType' filter, and a comment before the 'hotel' element regarding flight-only etc
 9/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec  Grouped filters to differentiate union and intersection filters. See the 'union' attribute in each filter and the updated description in the 'Filtering' section
 10/11/2011 Connection Guide Changed the main URL to be production, not mirror (, not
 10/11/2011  Prepackaged API Spec  Changed the description of the GetPrepackagedOfferDetailsRequest request and removed the sid attribute from it.
 11/11/2011 Hotel API Spec 
  • Changed the GetAllHotelsInAreaRequest to support specific hotels, and also reuse the general hotel structure in other responses. 
  • Changed the GetHotelOfferDetailsRequest to require offer id only.
  • Added id attribute to hotel element definition
  • Changed GetLiveHotelOffersResponse to separate the hotel information from the offer information, and re-use the hotel structure used in the GetHotelOfferDetailsResponse and to allow an list of offers to be returned for each hotel, if this is requested in the search using a new 'groupByHotel' parameter.
  • Included room type in the GetLiveHotelOffersResponse
 14/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec
  • Changed all date formats to be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
  • Changed DestCoun and DestReg to be DestRegTop, DestRegMid, DestRegBot, to reflect the newly provided resorts data which does not always have country at the top level and has 2 further admin region levels.
 15/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec  Changed GetPrepackagedOffersResponse to separate the hotel information from the offer information, and to allow an list of offers to be returned for each hotel, if this is requested in the search using a new 'groupByHotel' parameter. 
 16/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec 
  •  More minor changes to the GetPrepackagedOffersResponse format to support grouping by hotel. Moved the offer id into the offerForHotel element, and renamed prepackagedOffer to prepackagedOfferGroup 
  • Added roomType to the details of an offer (has always been there, but got lost when the offer grouping function was built
 17/11/2011 Paging specification Added a note about 'page-skipping'
 17/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec 
  • Removed the id attribute from the offerForHotel element offers in GetPrepackagedOffersResponse
  • Added support for hotel filter (see the GetPrepackagedOffersRequest), and deprecated the details request. Also removed the comment that some hotel details will be omitted.
  • Return airport name in originAirport and destinationAirport elements. Code is now an attribute
 18/11/2011 Prepackaged API Spec   Added the showall attribute when submitting filters.
 21/11/2011 Connection Guide   Added support for languages
 07/12/2011 Prepackaged API Spec Added dateOfReturnFlight and departureAirportLocation elements 
 12/12/2011 Hotel API Spec, (Prepackaged API Spec Added the 'extraInfos' element
 18/12/2011 Prepackaged API Spec   Re-specified the showall attribute
 19/12/2011 Prepackaged API Spec  Re-specified the behaviour of the filters. Only filters either side of those selected are returned, plus children of selected. Offers are for selected leaf filters only
 20/12/2011 Prepackaged API Spec  Removed references to returning all siblings to selected filters and added general not regarding the behaviour.
 22/12/2011 Prepackaged API Spec     Re-specified the showall attribute 
 12/01/2012 Prepackaged API Spec Added support for bestOffer sorting
 24/01/2012 Prepackaged API Spec   Deprecated groupBySupplier and added groupByHotelAndSupplier
 30/01/2012 Hotel API Spec    Added the hotelId element to GetLiveHotelOffersRequest 
 03/02/2012 Hotel API Spec  Added filtering concept. Added 'filters' to getLiveHotelOffers response and to the 'polling, paging, ranking, filtering and usage' section
 06/02/2012 Prepackaged API Spec  Changed originAirport and destinationAirport to 'origin' and 'destination', to support suppliers hat only supply city codes, not exact airports.
 14/02/2012 Prepackaged API Spec Changed week filters to split weeks that straddle month boundaries. See the definition of <group type="depWk" union="departureDates">
 07/03/2012 Images Spec Added support for image resizing and cropping
 12/03/2012 Prepackaged API Spec Added support for 'currency' selection
 20/03/2012  Hotel API SpecPrepackaged API Spec  Added support for receiving all offers for one hotel, without repeating the description many times. Also added support for receiving all supplier descriptions of a specified hotel
The 'supplierHotelDescriptions' element was added to both specs.
The following comments were added to the pre-packaged spec:
        <!-- the grouping functions are ignored/ not supported when a hotel id is specified - see the 'Filtering' section below -->
        <!-- When a hotel id is specified, the grouping options are not allowed/ ignored (groupByHotelAndSupplier and groupByHotel). Instead, the offers will be returned as a simple list of offers, with no hotel details. The supplierHotelDescriptions element will be returned in this case, containing all descriptions from all suppliers -->
The following comments were added to the Hotel spec:
        <!-- The hotel element defines the relevant supplier's details for the hotel. If a specific hotel is requested in the search, this element will be omitted, and the supplierHotelDescriptions element supplied instead (see below) -->

[This change is not in production yet. Will be release as soon as approved by current consumers of API]
 05/04/2012 Location Resolution Spec Added support for sub locations: see 'showSubLocations' element. Also added location types 'country' and 'island'
 15/05/2012 Hotel API Spec   Added returnAllHotels element to  GetAllHotelsInAreaRequest  request
 28/05/2012 Flight API Spec Reformatted the 'out' and 'return' specification to support operators, changes and their details, and airport data.
 Also exposed the spec for proceeding to the booking stages....
 01/06/2012 Hotel API Spec Defined a new overall structure for the API to support all functions in a single request and streamline integration process
 14/06/2012 Flight API Spec Improved naming of elements and location structure to allow city codes etc.
 21/06/2012 Flight API SpecHotel API Spec  Minor change to the get booking GetBookingIds request and response XML structure.
 19/07/2012 Hotel API Spec  Instead of specifying 'adult' and 'child', specify ages instead.
 31/07/2012 Hotel API Spec Booking command changed to include the value as an attribute and have structured room extra ids. Also, roomExtraOptions added to 'GetHotelsResponse'
 21/05/2013 Hotel API Spec GetHotelResponse:
  • rooms element added with per room extraInfos element
  • roomTypes element deprecated
 17/07/2013 Hotel API Spec GetHotelsResponse:
  • Adding the starResultInfo in the resultInfo element
 22/05/2014 Dynamic Filters and Filtering Added "starsMin" filter.