'Fast API' - Overview

Key Features of the Fast API

- Rapid integration

- Fast, small responses

- Minimal processing on customer side

- 'Fuzzy' ranking and filtering

- Direct connections from browser

- Various protocols (Xml, Url, Json)

- Adaptable 'Fusion API Platform' (see here for more details)

These features make the Fast API ideal for all platforms and solutions, including mobile services and widgets, and gives the fastest path to product release. The fast API also allows for radical changes and differences in the requirements of our customers and allows for very fast adaptations to be made to new features.

The Fast API Specification

- Connection Guide. This describes the general principles of connecting to the new service and submitting requests and receiving responses.

- Flight API Spec. Defines the Flight search and booking API.

- Prepackaged API Spec. Defines the Prepackaged holiday search and booking API.

- Hotel API Spec. Defines the Hotel search and booking API.

- Location Resolution Spec. This service is used for identifying locations entered by users as text. Supports as-you-type lookups using ajax or similar.

- Images and Dynamic Resizing. All images returned by the new API can be cropped and resized.

Other Resources

- Change Record. Defines all changes made after 15/9/2011

- Terms, Conditions and Guidelines. Defines any rules of use of this API and general and guidelines, recommendations and requirements.

- Referral and Acquisition Tracking Product. Tracking bookings and commissions after referral to the vendor's website.

- Test Tool. A developer's tool for submitting XMl requests and receiving responses

- Example UI. An example user interface that uses the Fast API

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