Referral and Acquisition Tracking


Travelfusion's tracking product is used to detect and record any bookings made by user after they are passed to a vendor's website. This completely replaces tracking services such as Tradedoubler and Admeta and has many benefits.


Implementing the tracking requires mimimal development from the vendor and none from the agent, the following image URL must be included in the vendor's booking confirmation page:

<img src="*******">

This returns a 1 pixel transparent gif image.

The supplierid will identify the vendor. Please contact Travelfusion to obtain this.There are various other parameters that can be included in this URL - see table below. (Values will be truncated to 30 characters and commas will be replaced with '-'. Names must be from the table below.)

So, for example, if the vendor wishes to report a booking of a certain price, originally referred by a specific agent, the image URL would look like:

<img src="">

The supplierid is a compulsory parameter, and it is recommended that you supply at least the following extra parameters: price, currency, agent, reference, producttype.

Any other parameters should be supplied if possible or if required by the terms of your business agreement with the referring agent(s)

Cookie-Based Tracking

Travelfusion offers a full cookie-based tracking system which can be utilised if needed. Cookie-based tracking has 2 main benefits:

i) Bookings can be detected and reported for cases where the user comes back to the vendor's site directly, later, to make their booking. Without a cookie, there would be no way of relating this booking to the original referral and no commission would be paid.

ii) The cookie enables Travelfusion to match up the booking with the original search, and so the agent can be inferred and also rich reporting information can be generated in relation to the details of the search and statistical distribution of bookings across searched routes and dates.

Utilising Travelfusion's cookie tracking simplifies the implementation of tracking for the vendor, who no longer needs to implement their own cookie- or session-based tracking of the original referral. They simply need to place the Image URL on all booking confirmation pages and Travelfusion will decide whether the booking was related to a previous referral, by looking for the relevant cookie.

Online Reports

Once the tracking has been implemented by the vendor, full up-to-the minute reports will be immediately available online to both the vendor and the agent. Please contact Travelfusion for details of how to access these reports.