TF Tracking Benefits

  • No tracking fees. Tracking companies such as Tradedoubler and Admeta do not provide their services for free. Travelfusion's services are free.

  • All reports in one place. Agents working with many vendors often have problems reconciling and merging all the different reports from the various tracking companies used. Since the TF Tracker is the simplest and best of them, it is recommended as a solution that can be easily implemented by all supplier, and can run alongside their existing solutions if needed.

  • Custom reports. These can be provided on request. Any type of report can be generated depending on requirements. For example a breakdown of the searches originally executed, that lead to referrals and bookings, enabling business analysis of the value of various routes and dates and conversion rates after referral.

  • Value analysis. This can be applied to the custom reports to determine the relative value of each search. This is particularly useful in situations where search numbers need to be reduced whilst maintain the highest possible booking rates.

  • More accurate tracking. Tests have shown that Travelfusion's tracking engine provides a more accurate record of the bookings made as a result of referrals from agent to vendor. This is due to the custom nature of the solution which is designed to fit the exact referral, tracking and reporting models of agent and vendor.

  • Dedicated Development Team. The technical team directly responsible for the developing and maintaining the tracking system will be directly available during office hours and out of hours for business emergencies.