Terms, Conditions and Guidelines

    • No data should be cached, stored, downloaded, or imported in any way, except for the data related to a user-session, which should be stored only for the duration of that session.

    • Where a user is likely to select multiple filters or ranking options in close succession, a delay should be put in place before submitting any XML to Travelfusion, and the actions should be accumulated and submitted in a single XML request instead of one for each action.

    • Travelfusion reserves the right to add new elements or attributes anywhere in the XML API at any time without notice. Unrecognised elements or attributes should be ignored and should not affect your application.

    • Any elements or attributes appearing in the XML responses but not in the spec should be ignored.

    • Any contradictions or conflicts between the spec and the actual service must be reported to Travelfusion. No assumptions should be made about which is the correct or expected behaviour

    • Note that all requests to the service must represent actual user actions and requirements. Any requests for data beyond this will be considered abusive and Travelfusion reserves the right to prevent such usage if (in Travelfusion's judgement) the customer is not requesting data for direct display and use by a real end user.

    • Our location model is in part dependent on a 3rd party provider. The provider/ Travelfusion may update this data at any time without notice. Any impact caused by these updates will not be Travelfusion's liability, although Travelfusion will make every reasonable effort to protect against such impact and to be able to roll back the update if problems occur.

    • In rare cases and only when necessary, Travelfusion may need to modify the XML API in a non-compatible way. As much warning will be given as possible of such changes with an absolute minimum of 2 weeks